Thursday, May 6, 2010

3rd post of the day. Welcome to my blog.

Seth Godin said in one of his blog posts,

"We've come a long way from a worker having just two channels (a resume and a few references) to having the choice of a dozen or more significant ways to spread her ideas. Choose or lose."

It's what inspired me to start this blog. I realized I don't have an outlet for my thoughts to the world. Yes, I have friends and family, but sometimes the things that kind of makes sense in my brain, when translated to audible words, don't make much sense afterall. I find however, that when I take time to type it all up, it forms a cohesive mental process that could likely affect the way my world, and someone else's, works.

Heads up though, this is not a blog that's going to be updated with the latest theater releases. I really don't have the cash to watch all of those and the time to blah-blah over them on the world wide web. Yeah, yeah, so what's up with my blog name, you ask. Well, I've been watching an awful lot of movies lately... so much more than I normally do. To think I was able to catch From Paris With Love, Book Of Eli, Kick-Ass and Iron Man 2 all in the cinema. Then wth all the sudden holiday declarations, I've so much free time to tune in to my favorite channels, namely Star Movies and HBO. (Quick sidenote here. I'm not a movie buff, nor am I an expert on TV programming.)

But you know how strange, sometimes unexpected insights come to you when you're watching a movie. THAT is what this blog is all about. Just random thoughts generated from the visual entertainment of the big (or little) screen. Don't be waiting for compelling reviews here. Just insights and a hodge podge of mental inuits from the mind of a semi neurotic girl with time on her hands.

So, welcome to my blog, boys and girls! Have fun picking thru my brain.

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