Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Best Job In The World (NGC)

I've always been a fan of knowledge channels. I regularly tune in to Animal Planet, Discovery, etc. to check out what's new about the world and to rediscover the beauty and wonder of Mother Nature.

So last night, my dad and I were watching NatGeo, and at 10:00 PM, the premier of "Best Job In The World" with Ben Southall starts airing. And all I can say is...


He literally landed the best 6-month stint E-V-E-R! Imagine getting paid to blog, not just about anything ah, about life in THE GREAT BARRIER REEF!!! Hopping from one fine-sand island to another, snorkeling in crystal clear waters, diving into one of the best wonders of the world, all with his girlfriend Bre the Canadian adventurer in tow.

I was literally thinking, why don't I have his life? Or the life of his girlfriend?!??!?! I was dying of jealousy throughout the program!

But seriously, if there is one job that could make life oh-so-worthwhile, that would be it. To be paid to live on the beach and create massive awareness for it. It's a campaign I'd willingly let my life be taken over by!

I want to live Ben Southall's life, but I'm not exactly sure where to start. I mean, the dude and his credentials are waaaaay over my head. He's lightyears away from me in terms of travel, capabilities and sheer adveturism, but its never too late for me to start.

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