Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gone to soon...

My iPod's on shuffle mode again and it plays Michael Jackson's Gone Too Soon, one of the very few songs ever made that naturally tugs on my tear ducts. It's such a sad irony that, although he did record this song for a young friend of his who passed away, it would also be so appropriate for himself.

I'm no Michael Jackson fanatic but I do appreciate his art and music. I saw This Is It in the big screen and he was just so amazing. It was like watching him perform live (which I'm sure was the effect Kenny Ortega was going for), but at the same time showing his personality as a professional artist. The passion for music exudes from him, you learn so much just by watching.

Like his attention to detail while rehearsing "Human Nature," how a single micro-second missed beat by the keyboardist bothered him so much because it changed how it melded with the background vocals and the rest of the instrumentation. He was saying something about how getting that beat would make the whole song feel right, such a perfectionist, but I'm sure its only because his fans only expect pure perfection from him on stage.

It's so sad he's gone. I'm envious of the lucky few who truly got to see him live. He performed once in Manila... the Thrilla in Manila. I was a wee elementary chickidee back then, with no real appreciation for music. But I knew who Michael Jackson was. Who didn't? Who doesn't? Closest thing I have to that are the concert DVDs, This Is It, and a few songs in my iPod.

So dear MJ, I know you're even probably big up there, angels fawning over you as they chide you to teach them the moonwalk, but I'm still saying a prayer for you. Just a short shout out that you are very much missed, especially by the little people like me. I'll honor you by keeping your music alive. You certainly are gone too soon.

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