Thursday, May 6, 2010

What I loved best about Iron Man 2...

... was how Sam Rockwell brilliantly portrayed the cuckoo-crazy antagonist. I'm no comic-book fan so I'm not sure how close or far his character portrayal of Justin Hammer was, or if Justin Hammer even is such a major part of the series, but daym the wit and banter of Sam Rockwell and how he neatly executed his comebacks... loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

"Gelatto. Genuine Italian. Flew it straight over from San Francisco."

I was laughing at practically everything he was saying. Even the bird talk with Ivan was hilarious to me!

I'm sure the comic-geeks are just churning in the shallow graves of their grimey computers. I've so far have not met one who has had positive things to say about the movie. They apparently didn't enjoy it as much as I did. But geeks will be geeks: high on expectations, living vicariously thru the movies they anticipate, mercilessly trampling down on it the moment it doesn't deliver the blood, gore and action they wanted to see.

But are we living in the time when not much else but special effects matters? Does a movie or TV show have to be riddled with special effects in order to generate a great review? Does it have to be guns blazing, bombs exploding, and curses a-flyin' to make an action flick work? What's happened to good dialogue and witty banter?

It was sad when no other person in the cinema was appreciating the lines of Justin Hammer. He was the most intelligently written person there. Stark was selfish. Rhody was self righteous. Pepper was too stressed. Ivan mumbled. I loved Hammer!

But then, this could go two ways: either the rest of the people watching were too unsmart to hear a good punchline, or I just have a strange humor.

Kudos, Sam Rockwell. You rocked Iron Man 2 for me. :)

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