Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fine line between girly-girl and nerd alert

I had a realization yesterday. I'm a bit of a geek.

While casually conversing with a friend about a potential boy I want to set-up with her, this strange mix of a line came tumbling out of my mouth:

"He's such a low-key personality, though. If you ever did hook up, he'd be so far under your saya, he'll be living with the balrog."

Saya is a formal wear of Filipinas. Its a popular Pinoy saying, "under the saya," to describe how a man is so subordinate to his mate (i.e. he's practically under her dress).

The balrog, on the other hand, is a fictional character from the Lord Of The Rings, representing the evil and fiery depthness of hell. It is the creature that brought down Gandalf the Grey as the fellowship was crossing the mines of Moria.

Hahaha! Yeah, my friend just gave me this quizical "Huwat the?!" look that brought me to peels of laughter. It amazes me how analogies like that can hold so much meaning to me. For something as fanstastical as a Tolkien creature to be connected to the very lame thing of trying to set up a friend with a guy. It's like mixing fanstasy novels with Gossip Girl!

And I'm kind of comfortable with that thought. My friends sometimes don't get my humor or my strange connections, but I don't mind taking a bit of time to explain.

Actually that brings me to this book a cousin gave me for Christmas, "The Mistborn: Final Empire" by Brandon Sanderson. What really reeled me in with that novel, and with the series for a matter of fact, is the intrigue and scandal that happens as you uncover this whole new world between its pages. I loved the chemistry build-up between Vin, the lowly skaa, and Elend, the most eligible nobleman; Loved the tension going on with Vin, as pseudo royalty, and Shan, the Blair Waldorf of their fantastical setting; Loved how expected, yet unexpected, the death of Kelsier came, and how I easily related it to the formation of structured religion, specifically Catholicism.

Yeah, so it's things like these that get me off. And it's the very same stuff I can talk to very few people about. Though I am not, apparently, an Eat Pray Love kind of person, I still get the same tidbits on life from the genre I read. I admit, proudly I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to my reading choices, but I am still a girly-girl at heart.

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