Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baguio 2012 in pictures

Start of Day 1. Waking up to the cool crisp air of Baguio refreshes the most weary of souls. Plus, you gotta love the view from our hotel window.

First order of business, visit the TV5 float. Construction is well underway when we got there.

Nice that even CSD's TV5 tcard design was incorporated into the float. :)

Next, we visit the the blimp set-up at the Athletic Bowl. Giant branding is always impressive.

Then we had the afternoon to ourselves. So what do a bunch of artsy-fartsy media folks do as an afternoon off? ... Drive out to this little paradiso nook, of course! Bencab's Museum was a gem to visit.

Benguet Houses by Bencab.

Reunion by Bencab.

Bencab's backyard.

Here's an interesting tidbit: Bencab purchased this land in order to preserve the greenery in and around it. Stewardship at its finest.

Of course, flora-obsessed me couldn't help but notice the gorgeous flowers of Baguio.

This little pond here houses talapia. Not sure if they're being farmed for food in Cafe Sabel though...

Bencab's all about sustainable development. Wonder what these are?

And who is his landscaper? His gardens are beautiful!

And work starts anew the next day. We're off! Panagbenga Flower Parade to start in a few.

And our float's a hit with the crowd! Yey!

Galeng what these designers can do with a bunch of flowers.

STORMTROOPERS AT THE PARADE! They were with one of the "hall of famer" floats.
The Starwars fan in me just had to have a picture with one of them.

SM Baguio's float in honor of the year of the dragon. At one point, smoke was literally coming out of it's nostrils!

Lookie who I caught checking out our float: GMA News! Hahaha!

And let's the parade begin! Walking with the float was an amazing experience, but equally tiring as well.

But apparently not tiring enough for a jumpshot at the end of it. This was after the parade, after lunch at CJH.

Baguio was good to us, and we can only hope to be equally good back through amazing programming and signal service. Panagbenga 2012 rocked! Araw ng Dabaw, you're next!

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