Monday, February 6, 2012


Birthday flowers from the best girls in the world
They bring a smile to anyone's face. So varied and colorful and amazingly symmetric, even though the Fibonacci in it can't be seen by the naked eye. They light up the gloomiest of days and brighten the darkest of rooms.

Their beauty is mean to be shared. It's why I've always made it a point to give them to friends and family on special occasions. It's become my new poem, actually.

I used to write poems in lieu of gifts back in high school. It was my thing, dedicating phrases that rhymed to my dearest friends in the world. Now, the mots qui vot tres bien ensemble have turned into bouquets of flowers. Semi-automatic, true that, but it still doesn't diminish the thought behind the giving. I hope.

I give flowers to those I love dearly because I believe they're the something everyone dreams of receiving but hardly ever do. No one really thinks of getting flowers for gifts because they wilt and wither eventually. No sense of permanence. But I think its that fleeting moment of having them with you that matters the most. Kind of reminds you nothing on this life is permanent, so best live it to the fullest by taking in every single gorgeous moment given.

Imagine my giddy when my best girls gave me a bunch of colorful happies for my very own on the big 3-0! It was the perfect combination of mums, carnations, and lilies, with a pretty pink rose and a bright yellow gerbera. Have I ever mentioned before that my favorite flowers are Gerberas?

And yes, they're still blooming, kids. I can smell the lilies from where I type. :)


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    1. Stargazers pala! Not lilies!

      All 3 of them bloomed, Winsy! Ganda ganda!


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