Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Treat to Self: No Rice For Feb

After last night's weigh in, it has been confirmed, yet again.

I am fat.


I've been on the unhealthy road for far too long. Giving in to sweets too easily. Zagu and Bubble Tea break increasing in frequency all too fast for my taste. Indulging in chips then suddenly consuming the entire bag. Unfortunately, food has now become the escape!

It used to be shopping. Kinda still wish it was, but anyway...

Due to the shocking turn of weighing scale dial, it has been resolved. February is NO RICE month. I am giving up that sweet, sticky, yummy thing that go oh-so-well with just about any viand. Rice will be drastically replaced by veggies. Green leafy, salad-y veggies that will be good for the heart and the ass crack. And it's started with today's lunch hour!

I am stuffing myself with an all-vegetable salad from Seattle's Best, and tocino royale & ginisang kangkong from the house. Rice-in-baon is vehemently ignored. NO TO RICE! (Obviously, this entry is also pep talk to self, so pardon the chants to rah-rah-RAH every now and then.)

So, now that we've got that covered and written down... :-|

1) Wouldn't it be just easier to give up Zagu, Bubble Tea and the chips?
Yes. Yes it would.

2) So...
Maybe I'm not ready to give them up yet.

3) Okay. Dropping the topic in 3... 2...

So, back to work? :)


  1. Tips tara! Yakimix in celebration of our birthdays! The best maki nila dun! :D


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