Monday, February 13, 2012

Series on Firsts: WHITNEY HOUSTON

The Greatest Love Of All.

7th Grade.

It was some project for some subject... Reading, I think. Under Ms. De Luna (+).

We were to write and bring to life a fictional story, and being a trio who could not, for the life of us, act... we thought why not make it a "radio drama?"

So me and my groupmates wrote our script, about a girl who gets into an accident that paralyzes her waist down and changes her entire outlook in life. I think we pegged her as the popular sports star, who suddenly, at the loss of her leg use, lost her identity at the same time. But her friends and family help her discover another love a talent... for playing the piano and singing.

The new talents of our lead girl was chosen because 1) Becca Villegas was an amazing pianist, and 2) I could sing. We recorded our little project in Becca's house somewhere near West Ave. She had a piece of "The Greatest Love Of All" by Whitney Houston in the little baul 'neath her piano seat, and we thought, why not? It's a fairly easy song, (Huwahhht?!?!) and we don't have time to scout around for other pieces. It would eat up too much of our precious weekend...

Of course I was familiar with the song already... who isn't. It's Whitney, for cryin' out loud. Everyone had her album then. Along with the Album of Madonna that had La Isla Bonita and Like A Virgin. They were quintessential 80s/90s stuff!

But I never really listened to it until that recording session. By listened... I mean really took in and understood the lyrics. It teaches hope. How, inasmuch as we do what we do in our here and now, what will matter more is what we pass on to our children, because when we're gone, they will move what we've founded further. It's why we have to teach them well, yet let them lead the way. It's how you, as who you are now, serve as a role model for the next generation. How you must decide to be your own person, to not walk in anyone's shadow. And how failure and success are relative, so long as you do what you believe in.

Beautiful, really.

With the loss of yet another voice from our childhood (they're dropping like flies!), I am reminded of the song that taught me the basics of hope and love. I was 11 then, but I believe its message still rings true now. Maybe as we mourn the demise of another great artist, we also remember the best of her qualities and how she served as a role model to so many others.

Thank you for the music, Ms. Whitney Houston.

We got an O-star for the project. ;-)

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