Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Used to be a Left Brainer

Now I'm a no-brainer! Wahahaha!

Funny! Did you not find that funny? Seriously?

Seriously now, for quickie reference, let's turn to to (yes, there is such a site)

Left Brain
Right Brain




Looks at parts





Looks at wholes

Pretty good birds-eye view of the whole Right Brain/Left Brain thingamajiggy, yeah? Left Brain people are the ones good in math and science, patterns and x+y=z. Right Brain people are the ones good with art and words, obsessed with color splashes and figuring out why x and y have to equal z.

True, I was never good in either math and science, but I was once a very logical, analytical person. I tried to look at things and situations from a third-party point of view, so as not to mix in personal opinions with decisions to be made. I would also break stuff down to parts, because parts were more manageable and easier to tackle. Left brain me also never took the road less travelled because she feared the uncertainty of it all.

But now, amazingly, I'm finding out that I've turned into a right brainer. This blog alone is proof of that. The messes I've been through in 2010 proves that, too. I was mulling over whether this turn of events is a good thing or a bad thing... and I've come to the conclusion of... why even bother thinking about it?

Not everything I do is defined by which lobe of my brain I use more strongly. When I need to be creative and care-free, the right side automatically wins over. And I'm hoping... wait make that I know... that, when objectivity has to come up on top, I'll still be able to use my left brain with ease. So what am I writing this for?

I dunno... maybe so you can think about which brainer you are... :)

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