Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why I Write

I used to write stories and poetry.

Back in high school, in lieu of gifts, I wrote poems for friends. They were cheesey-rhymie things, mostly a play on words, but each was well received. Although I doubt if any of them were kept to forever. I hope so... maybe I'd better ask.

I also wrote short stories. I remember this particular piece just flowed out of me in 7th grade, entitled "The Addict." I had no real grasp on drugs and addiction back then but somehow I was able to write a fictional short about a young woman hooked on coke. She died at the end of my one-pager. Morbid writing for someone in elementary.

Now, I write about everything and nothing. Boon and bane of the blog world, I guess. I write to get whatnot thoughts out of my head, just so the crazies don't drive me up my imaginary wall. But I love writing here, you know. We're so lucky to be part of the generation who has the gift of freedom to express anything at such an easy whim. Techonology is a blessing that way.

But I write here to get a message across. I've been wondering for a while what that message is in particular, and I think I've figured it out. Insights from the Movies is here to say that anyone can get anything across. No rules, no limits, no holds barred. We're free, we're young, we're allowed to be crazy, be anonymous and be open all at the same time. Its a beauty that allows us to be real. For me to be real.

So, write, dear friends. Go and type it all out, let your hair down and let loose! We've got a world wide free-for-all right here, right now. Why let it pass?

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