Friday, October 1, 2010

Escape To Elantris

In the face of inevitable heartache, I turn to published pages. I have 3 or so books lined-up for me, so yeah, good luck eyesight! I'll probably be seeing my eye doctor soon after finishing all of these.

"The Art Of Racing In The Rain" is nice enough, although Enzo's lolled out dog tongue makes dialogue with his humans difficult. The very strange 1st person perspective of a dog is heartwarming. But I guess I'm not in the mood for heartwarming now.

So, I started with "The Tipping Point" last night, but my dad's want of darkness forced me to put it down. Love going back to the basics this way though, rediscovering the Law of the Few and other insights like that. Though, something still didn't stir in me. There's no rush to finish it off. Maybe I want to take my tipping point slow. Relish in the pain. Yeah, masochistic like that.

"The No-Asshole Rule" is one I haven't even dared to touch. I was so intrigued with it's concept when I first discovered Robert Sutton's genius mind online, but now I'm so scared of it. I'm surrounded by assholes, I know it. I'm an asshole, I know it. This book might be rubbing salt into an open wound... so not just yet. I'll get to it, soon enough.

My nexts-in-line were supposed to be "Her Fearful Symmetry" and "The Art Of Non-Conformity." My office mate is lending me her copy of Symmetry, as she advised against me getting my own copy. I was, however, so close to getting my very own AONC book today, its just that the staff of Fully Booked GB5 couldn't locate their possible copy on shelf. That means, the book was showing up on their inventory record but they couldn't find in the store. *sigh* Not meant to be, I guess.

But scouring the shelves of Fully Booked did get me something, and it's completely unbelievable! Hidden in their sci-fi section was the branch's last copy of ELANTRIS by Brandon Sanderson. Being a nuvo-fantasia addict, Sanderson is one of my favorite authors. I've been trying to get hold of books 2 and 3 of his Mistborn series, but to no avail. This gifted novelist was hand chosen by Robert Jordan's wife (and editor) to complete the Wheel Of Time. Wheel Of Time is like the next generation LOTR! Isn't that something? Well, it's something to me.
So here I am, in my workstation, gleefully typing away about my latest purchase. I'm only on the first few pages but I can say right away, this has got me hooked: sinker, line and rod. My only irk is that it's not the best looking copy in the world. It's got nicks and folds on the cover (sadness) but its nothing a little adhesive book covering can't hide.

Genuinely happy with the latest addition to my collection. I think this is just the escape I need right now. What better way to get out of the shambles of my heart than to run into someone else's make-believe. I'm escaping to Elantris, boys and girls. Likely, when I decide to come out, I'll be more than fine.

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