Thursday, July 1, 2010

I want to be Indispensible.

Seth Godin believes that every person has the ability and opportunity to be a linchpin. According to wikipedia, a linchpin is a fastener used to prevent a wheel or other rotating part from sliding off the axle it is riding on. According to Seth, a linchpin the person who is absolutely indispensible to a business. That doesn't mean simply delivering the most sales for the quarter. It doesn't mean submitting the weekly report the earliest. Not coming in early and leaving the office late. Not mundane, not routinary, not just doing the things anyone else can do.

To be a linchpin in a society, an individual must be able to deliver these:

1. Provide a unique interface between members of the organization.

2. Deliver unique creativity.

3. Manage a situation or organization of great complexity.

4. Lead customers.

5. Inspire staff.

6. Provide deep domain knowledge.

7. And possess a unique talent.


To be a linchpin, you must deliver results that you, and only you, can churn out. No one else.

My problem is... I don't exactly know how to be a linchpin, and I'm not entirely sure if I even want to be one here. I am currently a farmer, a factory worker in the company I'm a part of and it kills me that I've been reduced to a "Yes, Maam!" employee. I used to be able to dictate how a certain personal care product gets displayed on-shelf. I used to conceptualize and implement radical below-the-line activities that moved a brand closer to the hearts of our niché, meet people with wide networks and great powers of influence.

It's so sad that I'm now looking back on my past because I'm stuck in this present, and seemingly unable to move into the future. But I've decided now, I want to be a linchpin. It may not be in this office, heck it may not even be related to work at all, but I want to be indispensible. I must be able to find my way thru the muck of today, search my inner being to pinpoint what exactly I'm good at, how I can be great at it, and turn myself invincible.

Step one is realization. (check!)

Step two is actualization. (in process.)

Step three would be to keep on going. Wish me luck.

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