Friday, July 9, 2010

Y@H - this could be the start of something amazing.

Inspiration struck like lightning today and I love my renewed energy because of it.

I'm in love. With books, board games and business. And I think it's possible to marry all those into one cohesive, profitable and FUN start-up!

I want to set-up Y@H (pronounced as Yah.), short for Young @ Heart. The place where professionals can act like the kids they really are. Filled with graphic novels, fantasy books, fiction, non-fiction, business, in-pursuit-of-life books, anything under the sun that gets rave reviews! Filled with cranium, taboo, trivial pursuit, toss across, architecto, scrabble, etc etc etc!

Hold your business meeting there and play a round of battle ship as a breather! Get to interact with the great staff, who may even be better at the games than you. Eat classic chips & dips as you play your fave board game, or as you read Neil Gaiman's latest release, or just as you surf the net.

THIS IS IT! This is my (for-now) passion! I think I've nailed it! ACTUALIZATION NEXT!

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  1. let our powers combine for its actualization! every dream should be given all the time and energy they need!


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