Monday, July 26, 2010


When a butterfly flutters it's wings in California, a cyclone is formed in Japan.

When a foster mom abuses a child she only opted to care for to get welfare checks in the mail, a serial killer is set loose on the world the moment the child turns 18.

When someone inadvertedly leaves a lit cig on the ground strewn with dried leaves and twigs, a fire could ensue in minutes.

When a boy, out of the blue, tells a girl he loves her, magic could happen and the world is less two lonely people.

Newton's law is only accurate in motion. Reactions are not always equal or opposite. They're not always immediate, and not necessarily affecting the 1st actor.

Always think about it, people. Everything we do has consequences, whether we get to face them or not. Are you ready for the prospect of anything?

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