Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Now here's good marketing.

I've been regularly getting emails from Salt & Light Ventures since I attended their Al Ries talk back in '06 but this is the first time they actaully piqued my interest.

I got this email today and I instantly click on the link to sign up. What made me decide I want to join this seminar?

1. It's spearheaded by Nokia. Nokia is one of the leading (if not the leading) brands in the telecomm industry today. Their continuous development of new technologies fit for the untechy-savvy person, such as me, has kept me a loyal Nokia user since my college days. I have never even thought about switching to another brand, even when Apple released the iPhone.

2. The way their material is designed exudes exclusivity, something that appeals to someone like me very much. The dark hues and the minimal use of the Nokia logo doesn't scream tacky. It's simple, straight forward and attractive. If this design were a guy, he'd be someone I'd fall for. Oooh, plus the fact that it's limited to only 40 participants. I want to be part of the 40!

3. IT'S SIGN UP FOR FREE! Anything FREE always, always, always has my vote. So, fine, they'll most likely sell you stuff when you get to the actual event but at least you know that's likely to be part of the deal you signed up for. This is not only a chance to listen to a speaker talk about Creativity and Effective Leadership, it's not only a chance to broaden my network, but it's also an opportunity for me to learn more about myself more, even in just the simple act of signing up.

Too bad the link doesn't work properly... yet. I was a bit irked at first but then again, it doesn't mean I won't be checking the website every 3 seconds to ensure I get my slot. This for me is good marketing. Good job, Salt & Light and Nokia guys. :)

(to sign-up, visit

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  1. I got my slot! Wooohoooo! Happy to be part of the elusive 40. :)


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