Saturday, July 31, 2010

Creativity Quotient 75%

One of yesterday's minitivities was rating our own creative quotients with zero basis other than gut feel. Eric Villarama just quickly discussed that just like intelligence and emotion, a person's level of creativity can be measured. Then he asked us, the participants, to rate ourselves: "Using percentages, what do you think your Creative Quotient is?"

I gave me a 75%. No real reason why, other than I'm used to grades in the line of 70s and I actually thought it was a pretty low score already. Turns out, a grade of 75% is still a high CQ.

According to Eric (I quote him as I wasn't quick enough to note his source):
Kindergarten kids average a 95%+ CQ.
Primary students hit around 75.
The average High School senior gets up to just 50.
University grads only 25.
And us measly adults are lucky to reach 10.

So, the pattern obviously is as we age, we lose more and more of our creativity. Sad and true. I mean, ask yourself, right now, do you really even need scientific data to back that up?

Although I have no idea how to measure CQ exactly (there are probably a few artsy-fartsy tests out there which I'll find when I google them) but I think the immediate point to handle here is how can we work on it to bring a diminishing CQ up?

And I realize this is what Y@H is all about for me. The opportunity to bring back a fuel of happy, give that push and spark with the use of the colorful, stimulate the both left and right brains with trivia, games, and laughter. Y@H wants to invade the broken, bland workplace and turn it to something unified and alive.

I am thankful I was given the chance to spend a day with Eric and the rest of my classmates in the 6th leg of Nokia's PEP talks. I'm on an idea overdose now and even though it's confusing, it's also refreshing. And I think I'll stick to my 75 just because a girl can dream.

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