Friday, July 2, 2010

nerdie birdie + frugality = three new books for me! :)

I am the eternal opportunist. I try my best to take advantage of every situation that I know will not have any (overwhelming) negative effect on me but at the same time gives me my best possible results. ;)

For a few months now I've been growing my e-book library. I discovered that I can almost find any book I fall interest in thru the wonders of the world wide web when The Lost Symbol's hype died down and the fear of losing my job (late last year) cropped up. Instead of stressing about my job insecurity, I centered my daily life on finding a free copy of Dan Brown's latest release online... Lo and behold, after a few searches and life-risking link clicks, I found one! I read it in a week and went to Doc Gino, my eye doctor the weekend after. (No, the e-book reading did not affect my eyesight... so much...)

After that, I've been on a rampage! I found me a copy of Warbreaker, a novel by my latest favorist fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson. And I also got a copy of Perdido Street Station by China Míeville (yet another fantasy novelist)! Then one of my best finds yet happened. A two-for-one link: World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, both by Max Brooks.

I love my ebook finds, but reading off the monitor gives me a headache. So today I decided to use the office printer to make myself books. (*BOW*)

The mix of my new print outs are funny, though, from an outsider's point of view. Book 1 is World War Z, of which I've read halfway on my PC. Book 2 is Good to Great by Jim Collins, a book mentioned a lot by Tony Hsieh in his Delivering Happiness. And Book 3 is Screw It, Let's Do It! by Richard Branson, my idol. His island will be the blueprint of mine someday.

Reading has always been a part of my reality, (my first ever "big" novels were Jurrasic Park and Interview With A Vampire in Grade 5) and I'm just so happy that with the beauty of the internet, this wealth of information is literally on the tips of my fingers. Plus with the technology of the printer/photocopier, I can actually turn this softcopy wealth into something hardbound (courtesy of UP Diliman book binders).

I was able to add three amazing titles to my ever growing collection without denting my wallet! Today is a happy day.

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