Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To Leaps of Faith & Happier Pastures

A wise old man told me today: "I don't really look at this (change) as a move to greener pastures. It's more of happier pastures for me."

So akin to Seth Godin's recent post about perfect problems that cause us to get stuck. Seth talks about how the perfect problems are the ones left behind, the ones we can't seem to get over, because there are assumed constraints and limitations binding the problem to unsolvability.

His solution is to break the constraint, be unafraid of the results and just dare to move. My friend has reached this conclusion I think. He's dealing with the perfect problems of his industry and of his work overall, by breaking the constraints that bind him to it.

I initially thought he's off to greener pastures because where he's likely going will be a place more open-minded about the type of work he does, giving him more freedom and more room to breathe. He thinks of it as happier pastures because, I guess, he's looking forward to a sense of settlement there, whether or not he stays in the same industry he started in here.

I'm happy for him, he's taking this leap of faith to grow not just his career, but his self, too. There's a whole world beyond the borders of one's comfort zone just waiting to be explored and he's taking it. Told him I wished I had that drive, too. Someday soon, I will.

He says, it comes with age. :)

(Dedicated to G-Third. Tanda mo na dude.)

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  1. Might I add that when I told you I'm moving to happier pasteurs (french grass?), it is also because of the better smelling "cows" there. :)) Kidding - and thanks! I feel better at being older now.


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