Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I pass this billboard of JAG near Nagtahan, northbound on Lacson, daily on my way home.

It's the one with Robin Padilla, halfbody, good as naked with his shirt undone, 6-pack exposed in all its glory, leaning back on a car I think. Can you say distracted? Thank God, I'm not the one driving.

But seriously, after you've seen it in on a daily basis, you get to study what the ad is all about. It's for JAG's weather beaten jeans. Go ahead, take a 2nd, 3rd and 4th look at it... there's barely any demin to be found on. Heck, hardly any sort of textile is in the picture. Its all Robin and his 6-pack abs.

This brings up the question, does ab-vertising work? I wonder how sales of JAG for this particular item is doing. Or maybe their goal wasn't to sell just this SKU but the whole JAG brand in general.

However, I am reminded of this one ab-vertisement that's forever carved in my brain.Zac Efron on Rolling Stone. (*wipe laway away, ladies*) Although I wasn't able to get a copy of this issue, I would've loved one just for the sake of staring into those baby blues and that delicious cut! Ok, so fine, Rolling Stone always has scantily dressed celebrities in the mag, but I think Zac Efron doing the cover ushered in a new generation of giddy girls like me to be part of the Rolling Stone potential market.

I think ab-vertising works in terms of imagery and brand building because sex sells. Not exactly sure how it translates to actual sales but maybe a JAG or Rolling Stone marketer will stumble unto my site and give us enlightenment.

So 'til then, let's have fun drooling.

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