Monday, July 26, 2010

This li'l blog o' mine... should I let it shine?

I am a new fan of Chris Guillebeau, writer and global entrepreneur of the genius mindset "The Art Of Non-Conformity." He has this excellent entry in his website that led me here.

Havi Brooks is yet another successful blogger, with a story very similar to Chris': she is self-made and heavily reliant on technology to spread her gospel on anything under the sun. She's into destuckness.

The particular entry linked above talks about how social networking is an intergral part of getting ideas, outputs and possibly profits. She points out, as a brain in the world wide web, you have to be able to make sure your word gets communicated across the board and that you're consistent about it. And that you have to make use of every available resource, while they're still FREE.

It made me wonder if I'm ready to go truly public with this lil blog o'mine.

I made this blog to get inane thoughts and ideas out into the crazy world. It's my outlet. I mean, I'd rather the crazy thoughts be out there than just bugging me all day in my head. I think if I didn't start this blog, my parents would've been forced to institutionalize me loooooooong ago.

But, I also made this blog so I'd be public about my persona. I wanted it to be my searchable self. That if a potential new employer/client/customer/boy wanted to stalk me, they'd end up here and know a bit of myself before even actually talking to me.

But I'm scared! I don't know if what I have to say is important enough. Let me tell you, right here, right now, it never is. I'm just a tiny wee-brain with too much gas.

So, the question goes back. To shine or not to shine. That is the question. If you found this entry thru a link on FB, it means I chose to shine. Hope you like the other entries you find here. :-)


  1. gusto mo bang ikaw ang 2nd interviewee ko sa blog ko? you know my take on this... everyone has something important to say. and people like us no less :) go for it luv! :)

  2. Ilabas mo lang yan. Mas masarap umutot kesa kabag ang abutin.


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