Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Close Encounters With the Nosebleed Kind

It was drizzling as I waited for Papa to get me from in front of PhilAm tower today, and I was standing beside this poor little white girl with no umbrella. She asked if I was waiting for a cab, too. I said no.

I wanted to ask her if she'd like to share my pretty pink payong with me to get away from the slight rain, but the right English words escaped me and all I could do was gesture. Sadness. Sign language anyone?!?!

Of course, English eventually found me, I'm not that inept, and I advised against hailing a cab from our spot. I think I said something like vacant cabs here are few and far between but it sounds smarter here on text than how it sounded out loud earlier. But I suppose she understood because she took my advice, called someone up and arranged for a driver to get her.

I'm just surprised at myself, how strange I reacted when put in unexpected situations like that, how I'm caught wordless and dumbfounded. Hello! Me, wordless?!?! Brain says it does not compute. See how smarty-pantsy my words are now that I have enough time to think. Standing in front of white girl earlier, I could barely piece a proper sentence together.

Seriously though, a smart little lass like me should be able to deal with these unforeseen episodes better. Maybe there are lessons in proper sentence construction that must be taken. Proper sentence construction under high pressure situations. Haha! That would be one heck of an English course.

Learned my lesson today, will be better prepared next time. I'll brush up on my sign language and pretend to be deaf. :)

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