Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Snippet :)

This is how me and my friend talk on YM.

Mau: 4 - 27 December
Mau: :)

Me: totoo na ito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: wooooohoooo
Mau: =))
Me: we birthday with you
Mau: just waiting for approval
Me: dont worry, we will not have too much fun
Mau: when?
Me: when you here para di mahirap ang pag larga mo pabalik ng irishland
Mau: i doubt
Me: hahahaha
Me: korak
Mau: we always have fun
Me: we must plot out plans
Me: i want LU
Me: i want photo op in UP
Mau: ahm yaya
Me: i want... what?
Mau: mukhang i'll pass the malayong byahe
Mau: :(
Mau: :(

Me: oki oki
Me: no LU
Mau: just nearby
Mau: the cityscapes

Me: photo op in UP?
Mau: sure sure
Me: YEY!
Mau: i need the noise of the city and the pollution
Me: ok, foine. probinsya nga pala yan
Me: samantalang kami dito kating kati ng mawalay sa siyudad
Mau: or we could go swimee at a nearby condo?
Mau: meron ba tayong ganun?

Me: radisons ulit
Me: :))
Mau: ay di ko pa un alam
Me: yung sa tita ni chaw
Me: we're planning to have the niknik get together there
Mau: uy cge
Mau: perstym itoh
Mau: waw

Me: perstaym?!?!
Me: parang beergin
Mau: uu, touched for the beri perstym
Me: MALI! tatsd por da berri purs taym
Mau: haha
Mau: soreh soreh

Me: i'm excited
Me: this year is a good year, ya?
Mau: aye!
Me: you and nikki come home
Mau: yis
Mau: and then the next yr ulet
Mau: haha
Mau: pero not dec sguro
Mau: in time for summah lovin

Me: summah luvin!?!?!?!
Me: mclovin
Mau: hahaha
Me: summah mclovin!
Mau: i lurve these pointless conversations
Me: koraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak
Mau: luv ko toh
Mau: pa pa ra pa paaaaaaaah
Me: hahahahahahahah
Me: shet
Me: ang layo layo na lang talaga
Me: we're so labo yaya
Mau: oh well
Mau: dat is the thing with us
Mau: we never run out of the abnormalities

Can't argue with that. Love you, Yaya! See ya for Christmas! *Cyber HUG*

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  1. cyberhug back Yaya!!! don't forget my pressies sa December! :P


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