Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This is not good...
I am seriously obsessing over this new phone! It's the Nokia C3, one of the Finnish company's latest releases and it's PERFECT... for me that is.

I haven't bought one yet, but I've reserved my unit already and I will hopefully get to bring it home tonight. EGADS! I have to be super careful going home with it! Then I have to break the news to my family. "Ma, Pa... I splurged on myself today" will not be the most welcome information but HECK I seldom do this! I need this phone! My ├╝ber old Nokia 6680 is conking out on me.

But anyway... why do I want this phone so bad?

1. It's got (obviously) a qwerty keypad. Yiiiiii! So sleek! I've always wanted a qwerty phone. To think I was even considering other brands just to own a qwerty phone. Ugh!

2. It's a Nokia. I'm a loyal user. I don't care what other people say about them. I started my mobile phone adventure with a Nokia (5110!) and it's the interface I am most comfortable with. I know that if I get lost somewhere on a Nokia phone, I'll be able to figure my way out. Nokia is the brand for techy dum-dums like me.

3. It's wifi capable! I can now surf the net from the privacy of my room! (Hahahaha! Wait... that doesn't sound right...) So, fine, I can do that with my laptop, but this I can surf while lying down! (Still not right!) And I won't have to lug around my laptop everywhere anymore. Okay, I say lug just because I'm lazy. My laptop is perfect already.

4. It's cheap! I'm getting it for PhP 7,280.00, credit card payment payable in 6 months at ZERO INTEREST. It's a frikkin STEAL!

5. It comes in PINK! Lovely, lovely, wonderfully girly PINK! YIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've never been this excited about new technology. I think I only get like this with things I seriously like and seriously can afford to have. AND I SERIOUSLY LIKE AND CAN AFFORD THIS!

I can't wait for 18:00:00H! Pretty pink phone, you will be mine tonight.

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