Saturday, August 7, 2010

SALT: mixed reviews

(headline: I am finally blogging thru MiNi Me! Huray!)

Saw SALT last night with a few friends from college and, I must say my main takeaway is that I chose the right person to have a girl crush on.

Not what you were expecting? Me, too! Well, actually, before going into the theater, I had barely an inkling of an idea of the plot of SALT was. All I knew was it somehow involved government espionage, betrayal undercover, all that "I'm innocent" crap... I guess what I thought was going to be a simple cat-and-mouse game turned into, how do I say this without ruining it too much... something COMPLICATED!

It had one too many turns for my liking, and although the production was done smoothly (read as: not too gory), the story just kept upping the game. And up and up the storyline went, until it went for a bad crash of an ending.

Okay, it wasn't that bad. I guess I just think that it would've been cooler if they just let her... (too much of a spoiler. I'll be quiet now).

But going back to Angie Jolie. I swear, if I were a guy, Brad Pitt would have run for his money. She is friggin H-O-T! Especially loved the short do on her, brought me back to Foxfire days, when Angie played a psychotic lesbo and I fell in love with her the very first time. Yes, that movie was pre-Gia. Ergo elementary years for me. Hahaha! Ya see, told you I'm crazy.

(But I'm damn straight. Except for Angelina Jolie...)

Overall, it was an okay movie. Don't expect to think a lot, like in Inception (or so I hear). Just go to be entertained by the wild turns.

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