Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's in a name?

Since the "publishing" of this blog on Facebook, I've been getting a bit of grief on my chosen title.

INSIGHTS FROM THE MOVIES was originally planned to be as simple as that, and it sometimes still is, especially if I've just watched something I feel is worth writing about, such as Notting Hill a few moments ago... we'll get to that later.

When I started writing here last May (2010), I was on a cinematic semi-rampage. I was watching these Hollywood-made movies left and right, and I, being the critic I am, wanted a way to get my perspective out to the world. No, I did not start this blog to compete against Rotten Tomatoes. And, after going thru a few more theater dates, I also realized that one doesn't get much insight from the cinematic industry.

So, I switched gears. I now write about anything that strikes me as funny, strange, smart, weird, cool, uncool, etc. In other words, anything that makes an impact on me.

I guess you could say this is an odd mix of a cat and viral blog. Cat blog because it mostly centers around vain me, and my whatnot thoughts. Viral because (bangko, bangko, bangko) there are ideas in here that could amount to something!

So, to those of you who wandered in thinking you'd get the latest blockbuster reviews, I'm so sorry to disappoint. Look around though, you never know what you just might pick up. No, I'm not changing the name to something else. Life, for me, is one big movie anyway.

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