Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sick day in

So, this morning, I finally admitted to myself that I need a day off. Yesterday was hell at work for me... it was cold, I was dizzy as hell, I couldn't use the restroom my bum is accustomed to because its in a conference room where board meetings were being held and on any other day that would've been fine but NOT ON SICK DAY!


But today is good. I am home alone. Mama was keeping me company but she had to eventually get out of the house to do her work. So here I am, typing away on the living area couch... Brandy sleeping beside me. She's such a pretty blonde. (Brandy is my dad's yellow lab. Heller.)

Calling in sick has its ups. The downs we know well enough to not talk about anymore, and me trying to get self healthy, I shall act as the eternal optimist. Ups of sick days in are...

1) I get to catch whatever I want on TV, with no interruption. No one trying to tune into the latest sports scene, no anime gunk, no nothing. Just me and my Martha... or Chef at Home... or Everyday Italian... or Sugar... or Criminal Minds... Please don't try to figure me out with what I watch on TV. You'll dub me complicated if you do that...

2) I get to pig out! Like last night, I helped myself to a tupperware-full of kettle cooked popcorn. Yum! Then this morning, after a hearty longganisa breakfast, I had a party bag of Oishi Sponge! Ok, so I didn't get to finish the whole bag... I'll just have more of it later. Then in a bit, after this blog entry most likely, I'll be cooking up my paperbowl of Jjampong! (Don't you dare point out the down of this up. Don't you dare!)

I can run it off when I'm well.

3) I get some serious me time. And it's a comforting thought, that I can be by myself like this and not go crazy. (Although I'm sure others would beg to differ.) I didn't need a book to keep me company, didn't need to net, or facebook, or gmail... well... until a few minutes ago when I got the itch to type these thoughts down. Of course I logged on to the social networks, how can I not, I'm already online afterall.

Those are just a few good ups of sick days in. They're different from regular weekends or off-work days. 'Cause when you're sick... people let you be. :) Don't worry, I won't be getting used to any of this, can't afford it. But once in a while, its nice to treat yourself to a sick day in. It could be just the escape you need.

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