Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Art of Letting Go

Saw this last night with my friends. Should've known that it'll only take a bunch of silly-nilly girls to whittle down the profound to the profane. Zac Efron is seriously one hot stud muffin.

And he's also a great actor to boot! Him acting all by practically his lonesome is classic. The boy knows his drama stuff. The movie itself is even commendable. The twist was a good play, but I kinda caught drift of it already when Charlie woke up alone in the cemetery.

It was, however, a fresh perspective to see how Charlie's relationship with Sam (the younger brother who passed away) still grew from beyond the grave. It gives the idea that relationships don't end with death. Okay, kind of counter-productive with the concept of letting go, but sometimes when you're not ready to give up on the memory of someone, it's a good belief to have that somehow the person's still with you, watching you and talking you thru the good and the bad.

I've never lost someone. Yet. And I know it will kill me when I do. I'd probably do a Charlie and meet up with my dead everyday to banter with them at sunset. But like what Charlie went thru, a solid point of letting go must happen, and it will eventually, when everyone involved is ready. It may take a few years. Heck, it may take a blossoming love life to do it, but the moving on and letting go will always happen.

Charlie St. Cloud visually portrays the art of letting go and getting on with life, without belittling the grief one goes thru with the loss of a loved one. For me, it means the grief is just as important as the letting go.

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