Monday, September 6, 2010

Discernment, then Commitment

The priest presiding over yesterday's mass at Lourdes Church talked about discernment and commitment. He said, in today's fast-paced society, very few people are actually dedicated to what they do. For example, when students are asked, "Why are you taking up this course in college?", many respond with a simple "Just because." No real reason behind the choice anymore, no urgency for forward thinking. Students just take it up because in our third world country, a college degree is a necessity, and since work after school is hardly ever related to what was taken up, any course will do.

We've lost the ability to sit and think about what to do with our lives, and I think its because we're bombarded with a dozen different choices everyday, dealing with so many quick decisions need to be made. We're even quick and rash about life defining moments.

I believe that everything needs to be thought out, to be reasoned with and to be rational about; whether it's something as silly as buying a super cheap magic sing from a Korean bazaar, or flinging one's self into the arms of another person. To discern, to think things over and truly understand how it connects with your self and those closest to you, then to make the commitment to it. Because when you've set your mind on one thing, the drive to bring it forth comes naturally and the commitment becomes a part of your life.

We're probably the luckiest generation so far, with the magic of the world wide web and technology just spewing out one opportunity after another. But we shouldn't let the choices muddle our track and make us lose our way. A little quiet time, a short prayer and a lot of focus will straighten things out for us.

(Dedicated to Beej. Hang in there, luv.)

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