Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dog Movie entry #3


To Belle.

We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment.
~George Eliot

MARLEY & ME (c. 2008, Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston)

I first read John Grogan's horrifically amusing life with his ball of energetic-fur, Marley. The novel was released in 2005 and reading the book had me laughing and crying like there's no tomorrow. The craziness of the yellow Labrador had me relating to every moment of John and Jen’s real life struggles and joys with him.

Marley was the trial “kid” of the newly-wed couple, they decided the way to determine if they can be good parents was if they could take care of a dog. So off they went to a puppy farm close by, and Marley’s mom and litter was there to greet them. John described Marley’s mother to be regal and dignified, seemingly the most ideal Labrador in the world. But where was the litter’s father?

So they had their pick, chose Marley from the bunch and walked out the door with their new bundle of joy... when this wild-looking, crazed-eyed monster ran past them with the fury of a runaway train. That was Marley’s father.

I took my stand and refused to see the cinema release of Marley & Me. One, I didn’t want to be crying in public like a lunatic over a dog movie. And two, I was apprehensive of how the adaptation would turn out. I watched this on HBO. And I am not disappointed. Neither were my tear ducts.

Marley & Me is another real-life experience aptly captured in film. John and Jennifer Grogan’s happy new life together with animal clad in yellow fur, dead set in ruining their lives and teaching them true love along the way, translated into film is just as beautiful as the one in paper.

Marley lived to a ripe old age, seeing his masters thru one miscarriage, 3 successful child births and other major changes in life. He was loving, crazy, loyal and carefree, and he made sure his values were instilled in his humans. Instilled enough for John to write the book that eventually found its way to the big screen.

This one really pulls on my heartstrings because I have a beautiful lab myself. She's an insanely happy bundle of black fur, but she knows when to be good and polite, too, without my having to say so. She drives me crazy sometimes but I love her to bits. She’s my Belle, center of my life. I would do anything, absolutely anything, for her.

This ends my Dog Movie series for now. I love the fact that the beauty of the human and dog relationship is so well translated into a medium that can last forever. I've lived with dogs all my life, I can't imagine life without them. If you’re not as into dogs as I am, I hope these three last entries change your mind.

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