Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Hustler

I've been quoting Seth Godin often enough. So this time, I turn to Chris Guillebeau's words of wisdom.

He believes in the hustler. It's what he strives to be every day.

The image above by Joey Roth is a clear cut illustration of what a hustler is. Seth calls him the linchpin, the indispensable person who both brings ideas to the table and brings them to life. Chris describes him as the person with both style and substance, talks the talk and walks the walk.

Joey Roth's poster, for me, is beautiful because it shows that despite the negative connotation of the term, the hustler is actually a very balanced individual. But similarly to what I feel about Seth Godin's linchpin concept, the question of how does one become a hustler comes to mind... and what does one hustle about?

The search, or at least the bringing to life of what was found, is still on.

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