Friday, September 17, 2010

Message in a Blogspot

(Chris G., you are unintentionally timely. Thank you for your grounding snippets.)

It's always been my problem. I'm insecure, I guess, but I never think what I have to say is worthwhile. And that's not just here in the blog-world. I've never really been the most opinionated person. Bring me to a group discussion and I'll most likely be the quiet observer, or the voluntary notes-taker. I'd rather jot down the minutes than share thoughts with the masses.

Despite that, I created this blog and now I keep telling myself, "Yes, what you have to say is worthy of an audience." Though most of the time, I don't even know what I'm saying. Like now. But, as Chris Guillebeau shared in his latest entry, sometimes all that matters in the message is yourself. In as much as there is value in quoting the wealth of wisdom of the gurus and the pros, sometimes its best to just say what's on your mind to develop your own personal brand.

My personal brand is... the nerdy girl scout with too much in her head for her own dang good. I'm in the process of rehashing it. It amazes me when I look through the stats of this web log and see pageviews all the way from China and Denmark. I'm glad you guys stumble thru here, and hopefully I did the stumbling some justice by imparting some semblance of wisdom to you. But if not, bear with me.

I have no idea what my message in this blogspot is yet. Sure, there are a few recurring themes but that's hardly the point. Well, hopefully as the entries come, the real-me brand will pop up along the way then things here will have more sense and flow.

End all and be all of it is: I'm glad you're here, dear reader.

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