Sunday, September 19, 2010

Can I Have This Dance (Musings of an HSM Fan)

As old as I may be now, I'm still a major High School Musical fan. Yes, major. No, not because Zac Efron is hot. Okay, not JUST because Zac Efron is hot. (Hello, people, how can you not see/hear/feel the brimming talent of the boy?!?!)

But seriously, HSM is one of Disney's most recent success stories. Since taking over cable television, The Disney Studios have been lying low in terms of teenage-girl-friendly full length features. I guess they figure they've got the exact niche crowd they want on T.V., so why spend the time and effort in going big screen when you've got an underling like Pixar to do all the work for you.

The Studio decided to take the risk on High School Musical and when the first movie was released on The Disney Channel back in 2006, it was an instant hit! I mean, sure, we've had one or two Moulin Rouges and Chicagos belting out a few show tunes in the movies before HSM came out but this one had kids in it! All original song, perky-happy dance moves and regular high school student drama.

The first movie talked about moving out of the box friends and family (with all the love they have to offer) try to lock you into. It featured nerds that hip-hop'd, hoopstars that baked, and jocks that sang. It made Vanessa Hugens, Ashley Tisdale and (of course) Zac Efron household names, starting their red carpet success stories in Hollywood. You just can't beat the Disney eye for talent.

With so much hype and merchandise sales from the first release, Disney followed it up with the second, and moved it the drama step further. This time they showed how different can have its advantages... and privileges. But let those get in your head and you'll find yourself alienated and alone.

Then the third, the one that was specifically made for the big screen. Just saw it a few hours ago, of course on Sky Cable's Disney feed. What I like best about the third installment is its message that it's okay to be in conflict when you're on a journey of self discovery.

All great values hidden craftily into the storyline and soundtrack of the HSM Series.

My favorite song out of all three is "Can I Have This Dance."
It's like catching lightning,
The chances of finding someone like you
It's one in a million
The chances of feeling the way we do
And with every step together,
We just keep on getting better
So can I have this dance, (can I have this dance)
Can I have this dance?
I know it's cheesy, gross and overly teenager, but if you haven't seen any of the movies, I truly recommend it on a bland Sunday evening. At least for a few hours, you get to be young again. Wonder if any of the local theatre groups have license to stage the plays... Audition, anyone? :)

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