Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear Noni,

I wrote this yesterday, before you sent your message.

I knew. Doesn't diminish the hurt, or the surprise, or the severity of it all. But I knew.

No more what ifs. Took the risk and now I know my answer. It's too late. Wish we could've paused life for a bit longer. I'll be struggling with the pieces, but I'll get over you soon enough. My friends are more than willing to pick me up and dust me off.

Bye, Noni. I wish you all the best, too.


Here I go again, what a mess
Nothing learned from the past
Brave face on but I'm crumbling inside
And here you go, cool as ever
Coming and going as you please
And I let you

Why even bother stopping the rampage
It's all gonna end anyway
No difference between now and then

Just tell me when you'll fade away
Don't let it be now, not yet
Put life on pause just for this moment
And stay with me

Here I go again
In a race to keep my sanity
Losing grip as we inch on
And here you go, a step ahead as always
Guess it pays to not feel sometimes

But why even bother stopping the rampage
When I'll just drown in the end anyway
In too deep, it's too late

Here I go again, but it seems now
Its too late to save me.

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