Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Come March 2011, I will be a Marathoner.

YEP, folks! That's me! No. 3-4-3 of The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2011. Blocked out the other name my parents bestowed on me, because no one else needs to know that. (If you're ingenius, you'll find your own way to get it. It's fairly easy to research.)

THIS IS IT! Time to seriously train, work hard and push for this to HAPPEN! I'm giddy, excited, anxious, restless... and HAPPY!
  • So happy to be part of the exclusive four hundred.
  • So happy to have the opportunity to do this.
  • So happy and in love with running!
I love running, really. I have no idea why, I can't really pinpoint the reason, other than running lets me get lost in my own thoughts. There's no thrill for me in crossing the finishline; although for sure when I get over that 42-kilometer marker, I'll be as thrilled as hell. No need to rush and place and be at the top of the pack either; but in the few races I've joined, I've been known to overtake a few slowpokes.

I love that running just lets me breathe and think, or breathe and not think, with whatever playlist is shuffled on my iPod. Normally it's Imogen Heap's haunting vocals, but it seems like The Script's latest album will be stealing her thunder awhile. What surprised me, however, is the sudden need to conquer long distances.

As I type, I've only run 5k max. But I've plotted out my running calendar for the year, and the 10- and 21-kilometer races should be in the bag before 2010 ends. It was a surprise, really, when I found myself typing up my personal info into the TBR Dream Marathon Reservation Form. It seemed otherworldly. Me, signing-up for a full marathon?

That's no joke. Giddiness now starting to turn into a real fear... and self-doubt... Can I do this? Can I really stretch myself and do a full marathon all within my first year of love with running? What have I gotten myself into?!?!!?!

But I want to run the marathon for the mere chance to prove to myself that I can do this. I've never been the sporty friend or daughter. Never been the one who's into basketball or volleyball or soccer. I was, for a time, the alternative sports addict, getting into Ultimate Frisbee and surfing, but those love affairs didn't last. But running... I sometimes can't imagine myself NOT running. Amazing, huh?

Again, friends, this is it. I'm doing this for sure. Come March 2011 (even if it turns into a Death [on] March), I will be a MARATHONER. Wish me luck. ;)

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