Thursday, September 16, 2010

Now on to happier things.

Since my last book was depressing enough, I decided to treat myself to Garth Stein's The Art Of Racing In The Rain.
As you can see from the cover, it is a DOG novel! Yippie! Yes, I not only enjoy movies that feature our canine companions, I also love books that have them as lead characters. Kinda looking forward to this one.

I'm also looking forward to going to the Manila International Book Fair on Saturday. A friend of mine is launching the 3rd installment of his comics compilation (Congrats, Stan!) and I swore I'd be there to cheer him on. Plus, of course, going to the book fair gives me the excuse to splurge on future reads! I want my copy of The Tipping Point, The No Asshole Rule and Her Fearless Symmetry. Maybe Dan Brown's Langdon trilogy will be on cheap-o prices and I'll finally get to complete that collection.

Also looking forward to my races. 10k 10.10.10, 21k Conquer Corregidor and (fingers crossed) TBR Dream Marathon! Seriously, who would've thought running could fuel me this much? Who would've thought I'd ever have a sport!?! But I love to run. I haven't run in three weeks and I'm getting fat! Okay, weight was never the issue. I run because my crazy head needs the endorphin rush to calm down a notch. Pavement, Lula will hit you hard soon enough.

Despite all the insanities that surround this blah of my being, I must say I live a good life. If you're feeling a bit on the down and out, I suggest you grab your favorite book and just re-read it, or if you're a gym buff and spend 5 extra minutes on the bench press. Guaranteed to be your bright spot for the week.

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