Monday, September 20, 2010

Focus on Happy

The idle mind is the devil's workshop. I've never been a fan of the idle mind, ergo the bouts of blog entries. So, instead of being idle today, I decided to google and read up a bit about Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. (Aminin na kasing naghahanap ng pirated ebook copy eh...)

And her happiness project website led me to this.
It's an illustration by Marc Johns. Simple, precise and profound all at the same time. He calls this particular piece, "What to Focus On" and it shows that, at the end of everything, there's really just one thing... Happiness!

When you're goal is to land that new job, get that pay raise, kiss the girl, marry the boy, birth a child... they're just short-termed. Why do you want to land the new job, or get the pay raise, or kiss her, or marry him, or be a parent? There should be a deeper meaning behind it all, and that deep meaning could simply be because you want to be happy.

Heck, wanting to be happy could be your only reason for purchasing your latest book buy or for having that one song on continuous repeat on your iPod. When you focus your day-to-day on the idea of you being happy, each move you make is brings you a step closer to your happiness. You never know, the steps to get there may be fewer than you think. Maybe you were just making it complicated.

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