Saturday, September 25, 2010

Growing Up Reader

We've always had the Library in the house. And it's always been called the "Library," so that's not just some name I made up now. And it's aptly called so because it's full to the brim with these:
And I grew up reading them. Not necessarily every single one. I had my favorite books, like Wild, Wild World of Animals: Dangerous Sea Creatures (c. 1976, by Thomas A. Dozier, published by TIME-LIFE FILMS), The Good Cook: Patisserie (c. 1982, by The Editors of TIME-LIFE BOOKS, published by TIME-LIFE FILMS), Tell Me Why by Arkady Leokum (c. 1966, 2nd ed. published by HAMLYN on 1987), Superbook: Stories, Games, Puzzles, Tricks and Jokes, Toys to Make and Things to Do, Mysteries of the Unexplained, The Shooter's Bible 1976...

Okay, I'm kidding about the shooter's bible... although it's something that caught my attention now... but everything else was truly a childhood fave, along with so many more. And I'm lucky to have been able to grow up surrounded by these books. All colors and sizes and hardbound and paperback. Pages with images of the world, letting me explore without moving an inch away from where I was.

Friends, now you don't have to wonder why I know so many useless tidbits. I got many from in here. (Kudos to Reader's Digest, NGC Magazine, Animal Planet, Lifestyle Network and The Disney Channel, too!)

The books in the library are part of my parents' collection. I'm so glad they're both fans of reading, and because of their fanaticism, I have a growing collection of my own. I cannot imagine life without books. If I went thru childhood without access to these, I probably would've become an absolutely different person (and that would be sad 'cause I like me now).

Thank you to Papa's spring cleaning effort of the Library. It brought on this post and the trip down published-material memory lane.

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