Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Swept Away

(This entry is a repost from my multiply blog, first "published" in November 2008.)

In my lifetime (all soon to be 27 years of it), I've been swept off my feet, literally, by three men.

First was Al... My best friend's brother's thesis mate. It was... wow! Way back in 3rd year college, I had just come off a long relationship and drunk on my (cheap-date) 3 tequila shots. I fainted in the restroom (of my best friend's house. Thank God we had the brains to drink in a secure location) and Al came to my rescue. Carried me off from the floor, into his arms and onto the couch. I'll never forget my first thought, "MACHO!"

Then there was Adam, my fitness first personal trainer. I was paying PhP 2,100 a month for the membership, so I made sure I got all the perks. And man, did I ever! Hailing from New Zealand, this hunk of a man swept me off my feet even before I fell. Apparently, not eating anything before a rigorous workout can mean lightheadedness, and that's what it got me! But Adam scooped me up waaay before I hit the hardwood.

And lastly there was Kiks, the guy who basically peer-pressured me into drinking on the last night of my first ever Bora-trip, and ended up taking care of me because I got too messed up for anything. Try chasing down a flaming sambucca with a swig of mango daquiri in the middle of Bom Bom. Its the BEST! My head was pounding and the band's drumming hurt my ears, so I told him "I'd like to go now" and stood up. The moment I got up, WHAM, I was down on the sand! I was out (daw) for roughly 2 minutes. Kiks was slapping my face to get me awake. Next thing I know, I was off my feet, gingerly being babied up into the 2nd floor of Bom Bom's hut, so I could wear out my alcohol in private.

All three feet-sweeping activities led to nothing, but it doesn't make each less memorable than the last. Its an amazing feeling, to be carried off to safety even if its by a guy you barely know. Kinda makes me wonder how it'd feel if I was swept away by someone I truly cared about...

(Added just now.)
Someday, I'll know. :)

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