Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not really the best of times

to be listening to lines like,
"Already broken, already gone
Already know you're moving on
I'm a breathing, talking dead man walking..."
... or...
"'Cause if you're looking for heaven
Baby it sure as hell ain't me so walk away
Save yourself from the heartache
Go now before its too late
But still she stays."
... or...
"I'm still in love but all I heard was nothing
She said nothing."

What if this is it?

What if it's time for me to make my choice and I have to choose to lose the battle now than lose the war later?

Stupid songs of The Script... I should really nip this obsession in the bud 'cause as always, my hyperactive mind's bringing me thoughts of woe. *sigh*

Note to self: Get over it.

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