Friday, September 24, 2010

Celebrating with you. :)

According to Seth Godin's blog entry:
"Focus on those that want to celebrate the work you do instead."
I've been wondering a lot about this li'l blog o'mine's stat count, because I'm so dumbfounded that, despite only having three people (good friends, actually) following me, I get so many hits. Not only that, getting link-ups from my facebook posts are normal, it would mean some of my contacts from FB are actually clicking and tuning into what I have to say (I *heart* you, friends!), but when the link-ups start coming from countries like the US, Canada, China, Denmark, now Italy and Columbia... the wondering kinda starts... How'd you get here?

Don't get me wrong, I'm really, really, REALLY glad you are, but seriously... What I have to say ain't much, and that's not a humble-me talking, so it amazes me that you somehow found my site and are really going thru my entries.

I can't ever promise that this wonder and awe-struck feeling of "Wow, you read me" will ever go away. I pray you won't tire of posts like this and I'll do my best to put a few more interesting tidbits in here and there. Don't mind the obvious insanity. Sometimes a girl just has to let her hair down (and let her brain hang out and her heart be wide open).

But thank you!!!! I think you guys ROCK! and I'll be a lot more aware of what I write here from on out. Looking forward to celebrating more what-nots with you!

Cheers! *cyberhug* to all.

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